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For a one time stock footage buyout fee, the movie trailer footage we sell is royalty free. We do not sell by the second or the minute, the minimum charge is for one title. Choose from our inventory of 44,000 film and TV programs or from our 35,000 strong movie trailer library. We have many movie trailers that are not listed, so please send us your want list. We deliver on all broadcast tape format and on high resolution digital files like Apple Quicktime ProRes, MPEG2, and more. Many are available in Standard Definition, and some are available in 1080p High Definition.

Want movie trailers? We have 35,000 of them. Send your wish list.
– No Licensing Fees.
– Unlimited Repeated Usage.
– A royalty free movie trailer footage piece is yours to use indefinitely.

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One-Time Buyout

A one-time buyout fee. No royalties are applicable.

Unlimited Usage

A purchased public domain title is yours to use forever.

Custom Formats

Choose any professional delivery format including Apple Quicktime ProRes, MPEG4, broadcast tape, and more.


Minimum charge is for one title. No paying by the second or by the minute.


How Films Become Public Domain

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